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Reply to "Microphone Channel for Traktor Live Input"

Originally posted by Tom Frere:
This is absolutely not the right way to do this, but.... what about running a wireless mic (line output) through one of the main mixer channels.

This is not a solution to get the VMS4 mic input routed to Trakor live input.
The right way is the way that will fix a problem to your satisfaction.


I can't find a way to send you pics of my mods via PM so me try show you in words how me did fix this problem.
You need two shielded wires to get efx send out for both mics separately, one will do if you need efx on one mic only. Then either you drill a hole for a next socket or you can use unused existing sockets. The q-start sockets were useless to me so me just disconnected the q-start board plug from the dsp board and connected my efx send wires via elyt condenser 33uF/12V to the q-start sockets. Ring and gnd are connected on the q-start board, you might need to cut the connection with a knife depending on your adapter cable you are going to use to hook up to a next sound card mic in (you need to split the efx signal from mono to L+R or you will get your efx only on one channel unless you set your live input to mono).
The mic EQ is coming from the dsp and won't affect the efx send but you have a next EQ on your efx in channel anyway.
Each mic has it's own analog preamp on the dsp board, the preamped signal can be taken from the output pins of the mic gain knobs on the headphone board.

The output pin is the lower pin on the VR, sorry for the bad pic.


Remember you won't get any efx if you route back to VMS4 analog inputs, you definitely have to route over another soundcard via asio4all.

I hope I could help you

Once again:
Warranty will be lost, don't follow this post unless you are professional in electronics!
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