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Reply to "low output level"

Originally posted by AAF1:
Good Morning from America! The message board internet stuff is a slippery slope. I would hope that nobody feels "Stung" by the VMS4. We came out with controller that DJ's wanted. When certain mics were not sounding good, we sent (send) out a fix at No Charge. When we found out AMD processors had an issue, we took care of that (Itch still cannot work with AMD chips). The low headphone was taken care of in V3.11 firmware. The only real issue for some DJ's is that the output is lower than they would like. For many (literally 1000s) this has not been an issue, they turn up their amps or powered speakers to compensate. Or, their situaion is one where the plug into another mixer (like in a club enviorment). What is amazing is that we were did not intend to be the best value, but now other manufactures have released theirs and in the states ours is $499.99, the MC6000 is $799, the NI is $899 etc, they are good products too, but if you go their message boards, they are having their growing pains too. Our still is more open ended too. We are working on many things with the best intentions for everyone. Again, this message board thing is a slippery slope and information, like this message, can put taken a lot of different ways.

We apprecaite everyone who owns or plans to own the VMS4. It is a great controller (and now the lowest priced 4 deck, never our intention!) and works great for many many DJ's. We hear you on the output and work daily on making it better.

If this sounds a little personal, it's because it is. There are many people, like Fresh Fluke, that are behind the scenes that have spent 100's of hours making the VMS4 great. Also, to see the VMS4 get held to a different standard than some of our competitors when we helped create the market that they are chasing is a little disheartening.

Finally, keep making great music!

As a (mostly) satisfied customer, I find your attachment to the product to be commendable, AAF1. You SHOULD be proud of your work.

At the same time, I see the point of others and have myself experienced it (though the easy fix is a 30 dollar DI box, even if a Mixer cannot provide the appropriate level boost, which is often the case).

I am myself about to E-mail support for a separate issue which is a dealbreaker for me and is likely to force me to use other gear, but it seems like it might be an individual model defect, as I have not observed many others having the same issue with their gear.