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Losing connection - after selecting OnSong on same iPad

Hello, I just purchased the ADJ mydmx Go. Tried it out in my studio...worked flawlessly. Took it out to my gig last night. It wouldn't stay working at all. Here's what I did: 

  1. Connected everything up and verified I had light control on my iPad. The iPad is up to date on latest IOS.
  2. I had the mydmx Go app opened on the same iPad that I use OnSong (for lyrics). NOTE: THIS WAS THE DIFFERENT STEP THAT I DIDN'T TRY IN MY STUDIO.
  3. After verifying I had light control, I minimized the mydmx Go app and selected my OnSong app to begin our performance.
  4. After a few minutes, the lights would stop working. Looked at the mydmx Go controller and it had a different display, I think it was "01", instead of "L1", which I think is the state after being first powered on and not yet connected to the app. Also, when I reselected the mydmx Go app screen, using the home button on the iPad, the app was unresponsive.
  5. If I powered off/on the controller and reloaded the app, I would get my lights back, but only to lose them again shortly after minimizing the mydmx Go app and bringing up my OnSong app. 

I think even tho you leave the mydmx Go app running, and it's not selected to be shown as the main screen on the iPad, it loses connection possibly because of inactivity or just simply not being the main display on my iPad. 

The other thought I have is I could use another iPad dedicated to the mydmx Go app and leave it displayed on that iPad...kinda defeats my purpose tho as I would have to go to the 2nd iPad to change the light pattern...the same I normally would have done with my Obey analog light controller. 

Anyone have thoughts or experience on this ? The mydmx Go app should continue to run in the background on my iPad….correct ?

Thanx ahead for anyone's guidance...Mo Brines

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