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Lixada mini moving head light: dimmer and master dimmer not working all time


I have the following setup

4 x Lixada mini moving head light
My DMX Go version 1.2.17-70 and using it on an android phone (samsung A70)

I have te problem in 9 channel and 14 channel setup with my fixtures

Everything works very good except the master dimmer and normal dimmer
When using the master dimmer and lower the dimmer to half way (for example) then when working with presets slow/mid/hot it works for a while and the lights are dimmed during the different presets but suddenly after a while when changing between the preset the light go back to full power even if the dimmer is half way in the app.

I have then noticed that in the fixture menu when this happens the strobe/Dimmer fader is back up to 247 instead of 50.
So when changing the preset the master dimmer does not stay dimmed but changes all of a sudden.

I don't think this is a normal behavior but rather a bug in the app.
If you need more detailed info please let me know.

Does anybody else has the same problem.



ps: I love your product by the way easy to use.



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