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Reply to "LED Spectrum issue"

Originally posted by zhemihem:
I have to chime in, is it possible that you are the reason for the surge, you mentioned that you introduced the spectrum after all else was plug in and operating. If that was the case you caused the surge, if not the case and everything was turned off, then the culprit lies else where.

but as I re read your post it seems you are at fault. Never introduce additional electrical product to a live wire.

Interesting theory.

What we are working with is a load of 4 (four) fixtures that have no "ON/OFF" switches that were brought online at the same time (the Wizards I don't power-up until the lights are about to go live for the event). Those 4 (four) fixtures are 2-LED Spectrums and 2- LED ColorStrips. Barely any draw there. The sound system was routed to a seperate circuit. So at the time unswitched electrical products were given power was concurrently, they were 4 very low-draw ones.

The blow-out of the ROM was the key to sending voltage around my entire chain of lighting (Wizards, controller, other Spectrum and the Colorstrips).

All took the charge and rendered the XLR data ports useless.

Had the chip not blown, there'd be no post here. And ultimately, no one would have been given the ADJ blow-off.

ADJ can say "Send us the repair bills," this can be over and done with in one month, and there would be no issue.

But that is not what I got from my phonecall from Ernie.