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LED Spectrum issue

Today shall begin the journey. This thread will act as public record as to how ADJ handles an issue. On August 16, 2008 my lighting rig was powered up before an event. The moment the LED Spectrum mounted to stage left was introduced to the main power supply, the audible sound of an electrical pop and burn was heard. The lighting trees are similar to that pictured below.

That fixture (ADJ LED Spectrum) was one of four ADJ fixtures purchased on 9/25/07.

Below are pictures (full resolution, thus linked) of the unit taken last evening (August 20, 2008) of the ROM that blew, and the parts of that ROM that were loose inside the casing.

The ROM that blew destroyed every fixture on the DMX chain:
2 – COLORStrips
1 – DMX 44 Controller
2 - Martin Wizard Extremes
And both (2) ADJ LED Spectrums.

I have begun the mess of RA#’s and packing for repair along with bracing for the financial crunch ADJ’s product caused.

I take no responsibility for poor handling of my lighting or improper use because this was all within “normal operating environments.” There was no moisture, no dropped lighting, nothing.

I am out my normal lighting package.

Total cost of fixtures destroyed? $2,725.00

ADJ was the cause.
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