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Issues I think MyDMX needs to address.

1: MIDI. I know, an on-going thing. It just seems that MyDMX is losing it's MIDI commands, at least for DMX channels mapped to CC controllers, such as the Korg NanoKONTROL. I find myself having to regram these over and over again. I'll test it again in a few days again. The problem mainly occurs when you use MyDMX WITHOUT the device, then hook it up again.

2: Colors, at least saving custom colors: It flat out don't. You exit MyDMX any custom colors are gone. Not cool.

3: Profiles. It appears profiles are loaded and then imbedded into a show when the universe is created. If you update the profile, it won't make a difference, you'll have to re-add the fixture. The good news is that if you replace like for like, you don't lose anything.

4: Noticed some goofiness with the show when the 3D Visualizer was NOT displayed. Oddly enough, I had to show the 3D Visualiser to make things work properly. I had a few scenes that were goofy this way. It was consistent at least. A beacon wouldn't do complete circles, it was sort of working in a 90-degree range instead UNTIL I brought the 3D Visualizer into view.

For my event, there were multiple good things:

First, using an easy to make Excel spreadsheet, a free calculator with time function and the director's notes, were were able to put together a good show quickly. I used the "scene time" to built scene start points. Scene length became a major factor later on. The director made many changes, nothing to complain about. Things changed, stuff was on teh other side of the stage, times changed, things cut, shortened, color changes. This is where MyDMX shined. For example, in this one "film scene", the director wanted 3 flashes at specifc times. Then, those times change. Then, exact time locations were chosen. By tweaking things, I could have a target "safe" time a few scenes away, letting me know if my adjustements threw me on/short/long.

Since this is a Shadow-cast event, timing is everything. I was able to even time precision events: an "injection" that goes to a "intoxicated" scene, a slap, a bomb blast, a cut and fall. Sure, I might not have been frame accurate, but I was super close, close enough to be not able to tell. By not programming the entire show as a single scene, but by locically divided scenes, I had fail-over and safety in case something went wrong, which was very possible due to bad communication at the beginning and then at the improvised intermission.

The show went well. If we didn't take a break, I would not have had to do anything until the end to power off my audio desk and my lighting rig the show was that well done.

This program IS a professional product. Not only can this be used for DJ-type applications, bt also concerts and other events that may not need totally pre-arranged light shows. Then, if one puts their mind to it, it can handle an event where timing can in fact be everything.

I'm not going to say that this is the end-all program for lighting. It's not. But, this program can certainly be used in high profile professional applications wiht results that can be limited only by the imagination of the designer.

I'm not just talking it. I'm living it. I hope my video came out OK. I won't want to deal with it for a bit.

After the first show, I know there will be additional tweaks. I expect it and I made some notes on my own.
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