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Reply to "Issue with myDMX 3.0 dropping inbound Midi messages"

Good morning.  Sorry this took so long, day job is getting in the way as of late.

I've attached the show file I'm currently using, a screenshot of the About screen with version information, and 2 screenshots regarding USB details.  My laptop is running Windows 10 Home, version 20H2.

Some more interesting details to share.  I have been able to get what appear to be reliable results using a USB connection from either my Line 6 Helix, or my Behringer XR18 digital mixer.  In either case I'm sending MIDI  messages from MobileSheets (on the Android) over Bluetooth to the MD-BT01 connected to the MIDI in/out of the Helix or XR18.  The Helix and XR18 are set to pass MIDI through to the USB port.  In the case of the Helix it is using the Line 6 Helix ASIO driver,  In the case of the XR18, I believe it too is using an ASIO driver.  While these seem to work, a straight USB from tablet, or MIDI port to USB on the computer do not reliably.

Hope this helps.



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