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Reply to "Help a poor old fat man....please...."

Thanks for the advice so far...keep those cards and letters coming in folks....we will have another drawing next hour and you, too, could be a lucky winnder....

Oh, wait, that is another thread.

Seriously, we will have to deal with ambient lighting. For instance, the Moose Lodge we are doing New Year's has their bar with a florescent bulb just 2o feet from the stage. And then add in our 12 PAR-38s. So there will be a lot of other "room light".

And we may have some problems using very much fog. It seems that most of the fog juice we have found seems to irritate both of our singers' voices.

Since we are tight on time, I doubt I will try to get a copy of the video. But, I appreciate the suggestion.

I did make a point to check out the online "video" demo of the various units I mentioned along with a host of others.

I will make a point to check out any other models that are suggested on any reply to my questions, including the Fascinator.

I am looking forward to getting more input from anyone who has an opinion or who uses any of the products I mentioned. I like to get other folks opinion, even if I ignore it.

Thanks again.

Tony...the man, the myth, the legend in my own mind.