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Help a poor old fat man....please....

Hiya! OK, I am not a DJ. I play bass in a classic 60s top 40 cover tune band. We are between 40 and 63, so we are not "kids" but we still have fun. We play the kind of stuff that was on American Bandstand, etc. Not the heavy stuff. Maybe a little blues and just a touch of country to keep us from getting thrown out of the Oklahoma bars and clubs where we play.

We want to kick our performances up to the next level. We think that adding some excitment via lighting would be a good thing.

Currently, we use an older American DJ DP-1219 DMX controller with two DP-DMX-20 dimmer packs. We have two stands, each stand has six PAR-58s. We think that is a decent "base" to start from for this expansion of our lighting.

We want most of the lighting to be for the audience, not necessarily on the band, but would entertain any suggestions in that regards.

We are considering the following units: (all ADJ products that are available either online or from our local dealer)
Wildflower 2 (out of production but local guy has two in stock)
Luna 4
Fab 4 (it "is" DMX controllable)
Simple Scan system (usually 4 heads are better than one...or so my old boss used to tell me before I retired.)
Quadra Beam (we would get two units)

We have a current budget of approximately $750 to make these purchases. We have a pretty good gig for New Year's Eve and want as much "WOW" factor as we can manage for that performance.

We think we could manage something like two "systems" that I mean something like the two Wildflower 2 units and the Simple Scans OR perhaps the Luna 4 and a pair of Quadra Beams or ?????

As time goes on, we would likely add more lighting over the next year or so.

So, help us spend our money...give me your advice for LIVE SOUND lighting gear within my budget with the current gear and control units.

Thanks in advance.

Tony Wright
fat, dumb and happy in the Red Dirt Country of the Oklahoma Flatlands.
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