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Originally posted by DJ-Sound:

Off topic but my church has 20 Elation Color spot 250's and 35 color wash 250 moving heads. And 50 opti pars and aa whole bunch of par 64's controlled by an expression 3 dmx controller.

And people wonder what i am doing sunday mouring
Wink [/qb]

You just desribed one of my many lighting heaven's and fantasies. HOwever, wy scholl has recently built a brand new 40 acre campus. SO far the total cost of the campus was 44 million dollars! That is excluding a Theatre and Gymnasium. A theatre is going to cost 6 million and a gym is only 4 million. We have 3 of the 6 million for our theatre. I am actually getting to thelp deisgn the theatre, in terms of lighting, sound and overall structure design. Not only do I wabt the theatre to be used for stage productions, I also want to put in some intelligent heads and scanners for concerts, which could also be used in a stage production. I am looking into a 700 seat theatre. So I have huge plans for the future of my school!