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Originally posted by American Dj Lights Rock:
[qb]Our Church has 12 clay packy intelligent lights all made of 2 stage zooms and 10 color washes

8 colorwashes in front with the 2 zooms on either side and 2 colorwashs on stage hung up.

Its all run on a Grand MA board.

we also have 2 pals and 2 roboscans in there.

Its a nice, i know because i play with them Big Grin Big Grin

What are CYBERLIGHTS??[/qb]

Off topic but my church has 20 Elation Color spot 250's and 35 color wash 250 moving heads. And 50 opti pars and aa whole bunch of par 64's controlled by an expression 3 dmx controller.

And people wonder what i am doing sunday mouring