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faulty versadec 2ch midi controller

I purchased the versadeck 2 channel midi controller about 4 weeks ago, and I have not had any problems until a few nights ago, I was playing a set @ an underground drum n bass festival, when my virtual dj and controller started acting weird

Weird meaning my play/pause button now registers as play/pause + cdj + hold + save on the virtual dj key learn, when I press play it plays both decks at the same time and and all the leds go wild, basically my right deck play button controls both decks and when pressed again instead of pause it loops or plays in reverse

Same happens on traktor + ableton live..

I've used miditrace to see what code gets picked up when play/pause is pressed and it gives about 9 different codes

I've searched all over the net for a solution, and like I have no idea how to reload mapping into the device or to read + program midi settings

Somehow the preloaded midi info on the controller got reprogramed and now I can't use it for my sets..

Please advise on what to do asap as I need it to play @ all my booked gigs for december
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