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Reply to "DMXGo errors"

I finally solved this issue, was a several try and error situation.

First connect the adj mydmx to windows pc. And waiting to show as wifi connection.

Then open hardware manager, on the clock, check if is showing the correct hours as your pc... This little trick sometimes cause issues of communication. Save

Now restart your pc and take off the adj interface from USB ports and connect again, and connect to smart dmx wifi network.

At this time, te wifi green light on your interface must be fixed. This mean that the network was created properly.

Open again the hardware manager and on wifi list, select your home network. Save.

Do not disconnect anything at this point. Just exit on your pc from the dmx network.

Go to your tablet and connetc to the dmx network. Open mydmx go, and there it is. You should see mydmx go on the left, when highlighted means that is working properly.

Now you can turn off your pc and connect your dmx interface to your wall and should be all connected properly.

Try this... Works for me... Lots of trying and wasted time, but finally I get it, take a lots of patience... But woth it... This seems that there a lot of issues with networking configuration and also windows environment is not the best choice, understand that Mac users don't have these issues.

Check and let me know how this going.