Reply to "Dimmer packs do NOT need a profile."

Thanks Jim. Actually I came to this forum to try and find a profile for my dimmer pack, but based on the OP in this thread, I got the impression that they were not available/needed.

Also, I do apologize for my lack of understanding, but I am still a little foggy on your explanation.

Are you saying that I can drag multiple par can fixtures to the same location on the MyDMX layout grid? Because when I simply drag 4 fixtures into their own location, I think MyDMX sees them as separate fixtures with unique DMX addresses.

Thanks again for your quick reply.


Originally posted by Jingles:
...if you were to use a dimmer pack profile and not par can profiles you would see that it will occupy this same space. So if you start the dimmer pack at 10 and it uses 4 channels, it is using channels 10, 11, 12, 13. Make sense?
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