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Converting from PAR38's to LED's

We are a 7 piece dance band that currently have two light trees with 6 PAR38 cans(w/gels) w/150W lamps on one tree and 7 PAR38 cans (w/gels) w/150W lamps on the other set up at each end of the stage. Most stages we play on are no longer than 25 feet wide and 12 feet deep.

We would like to move to LED fixtures and want about 20% more lighting. Does it make sense to use lamps and LED? Can LED provide sufficient light?

Option 1
Replace the current 150w lamps with LED lamps (like the LLPAR 38 LED multiple colors), add dimmer packs and a DMX controller.

How do the LLPAR 38 LED's compare to a 150w lamp?

Option 2
Replace all or part of the current setup and go with LLPAR 38's, LED punch Pro or PAR64 Pro's (or a combination)and utilize a DMX controller and/or dimmer pack.

Can anyone offer some recommendations? would like to keep the costs under $1800...

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