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Reply to "Best Lighting Choice for Jazz Quartet"

Well, not sure about all the stuff you can set for the Punch Pros. I'll download the manuals and check it out. But my thoughts are yes, you could stuck those on auto-pilot mode in master/slave. It's the speed thing, but I'm sure there's some sort of software setting on the fixture you can program in via the panel.

200-amp service at a residence? Wow! I only have 120-amps of service and my mains draw 130-amps. I don't even want to think what my lights would pull running flat out.

Going LED, your power draw should be super SUPER low(maybe 2 amps max) with those Punch Pros, so don't worry about it.

What's your jazz configuration? What are you bringing for PA?

Not to name brands, but I have found I can run 2 Mackie SRM450's and 2 SRS1500A(subs) off a single 15 and cover 300 people NO problem. Going KV2 Audio, I have run my ES 1.0's with an ES 2.5 sub with an EPack 2500 per side on a single 15-amp and covered 500 for weddings with no problem(despite the fact that's 40 amps of current I could potentially tap).

I'm not advocating active over active drive vs. passive or multi-pin connections using an external cross-over unit. Just depends on how you use your stuff.

I'm assuming acoustic drums, maybe a small mixer, small guitar rig and small bass rig. Heck, you can get a LOT out of a 30-watt amplifier for bass and guitar, especially if putting it through the PA and mic'ing it up.

Hit my web site if you want to chat, although I may be off the chat clients the rest of the day. I am evaluating a slide scanner. I think I need to already get something better, but this one is a keeper as well.