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Reply to "AMAZING ADJ Light Show/Setup *** Gotta Check It Out !!!"

Well, here's the deal when I do shows:

Console is 76 channels and in the case with wiring weighs in at 400 pounds. Thank goodness for the EZ-Tilt stand.

Smallest PA I run is 5000-watts(2500/side, active quad-amped). 3-way tops are 75 pounds each. Subs depend on what I'm carrying, but typically the double 15" enclosure is 135 pounds. The amp rack is another 75 pounds. Double that up.

Now there's my power supply at 80 pounds in shock mounted flight case.

My main outboard rack, at over 200 pounds in shock mounted case.
My main FX rack, at 100+ pounds.
My recording rack is around 50 pounds.

So, lugging around some lights don't bug me none. Even a 1-man show can quickly set up 2 stands. You gotta do the work anyways. Trussing takes time.

And we haven't even touched my 56-channel whip or my stage box or bins of goodies!

In your case, I can't see the Mega Bar 50 doing anything worth while for you.

However, the Tri Fusions will be not real great for the band. Pin Spots don't tend to work all that hot for wash lighting.