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Reply to "AMAZING ADJ Light Show/Setup *** Gotta Check It Out !!!"

thanks again Chris

i'm trying NOT to get another stand, truss, etc, as i'm a 1 man operation

yes would be cool, but as is now, i can aim the lights where i want on floor

also, i don't want to spend all my time setting up lights, stands, trusses,
as i do also have to carry, setup my sound system as well :-)

i think i'm liking the idea of 2x Fusion Tri FX, as i can have em on me, the stage for Band,
and later in the night when party gets pumping and dance floor is packed i can turn em to the people on the floor

and i think i will master slave them, so they're in sync

glad i did not jump and buy the MegaBar 50's
and hope these ARE the ones for me

the Fusions are a bit bigger

BUT unlike the Mega Bar 50's they will EASILY mount on my sidearms, perhaps i'll have to drill a center hole

looked at the others Fusions but they did not impress me as did the Tri FX's