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Reply to "AMAZING ADJ Light Show/Setup *** Gotta Check It Out !!!"

Sorry, I can't offer you any insight on your lighting.

All I will say is that the Revos are an item of interest to me. Having seen an older one, I like the effect, especially when used with heavy fog. Way cool effect. But for the rave I do, they couldn't give 2 craps about the lighting for the most part, so I can basically get away with almost anything and they'll be pleased.

You and I do different stuff. I am a sound production company that does lighting, and washes are more my thing. Your comments about the Mega Bar 50 and Mega Panels is really true for you, as I don't think they are necessarily a great dance floor light. Wash light? Sure? Uplight? Sure? Dance light? Well, if I had to pick from the 2, the sound active mode on the Mega Panel is cooler so I'd go that route if I had to make a choice.

Adding the Fusion Tri FX? Really? I can't see how you'd go wrong with those. LED color-mixing pin spots and an R/G/B wash zones? Heck, just a pair of these aimed outwards with haze or fog and the pinspots going would look killer. Add some motion with the LED banks and you'd be creating some movement and other color.

Alone, the Revos add a fair amouint of motion. I won't commend much on the Galaxian 3D because I don't have any lasers, but I'm sure the variety keeps your crowds happy.

I think then maybe adding a Mega Panel on the pole running sound active because it will be doing up to 8 different things at once.

I also think adding a second stand and spreading things out a little might be cool as well. Fusion Tri FX and a Revo Rave on each side might be cool. Fortunately, upgrades like this won't be very expensive.

I think the Mega Bar 50's would only be good to aim at YOU for your wash, assuming you want or need it. The Mega Panel has lots of applications though thanks to the multiple zone stuff.