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AMAZING ADJ Light Show/Setup *** Gotta Check It Out !!!

so here's what you can do with ONLY 7 lights:

2x Revo Raves
2X Revo 4's
3x Fusion Tri FX Bars

i already own 2 Raves, 1 Revo 4, 1 Galaxian 3D
and was gonna buy 2x Mega Bar 50's or 2x Mega Panels for my stands side arms

i think i've changed my mind after this video
these Tri FX bar are awesome !!!
and i can't see neither the Mega Bars nor the Mega Panels touching these Fusions :-)

ADJ should put this video on their site...really
this is how a Demo video should be
and with great, pumping music like this ;-)

check it out guys/gals:

see the whole vid as it gets better
and please post your comments !!!
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