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Reply to "Accu Spot 250 Pro audio mode - focus is lame!"

Wow, 14 DMX channels. My biggest fixture only has 9, but hey, whatever works, right?

According to the manual, you've got this figured out spot-on. I am assuming you mean you're using a DMX Operator 192 controller.

Well, it sounds like you know what you're doing. You've obviously set the fixture(s) to the first channel being 1, and therefore channel 10 would in fact be focus and 14 would be sound active putting it all the way up(255, but 240-255 works).

Are you using DMX cabling? Are you terminating it? Are you splitting the signal or are you running it properly(which is parallel, but works via pass-thru so it appears serial)?

Now, as far as the DMX Operator 192 is concerned, which is a step up from my older DMX Operator, I feel the same issues apply.

Sound active is all spiffy and neat, but it requires that you program not only scenes, but chases into the unit. This would mean that your focus would also be programmed in scene by scene. Yup, just a fact of how they work.

I can certainly understand you want of a blackout controller. Saves you from having to power the fixtures off IF blackout also turns the bulb off. Some fixtures use a shutter and so the bulb remains on the entire time the fixture is.

So, my answer with in regards to addressing your other investments:
Learn to program your DMX Operator and create a bunch of scenes. Make sure channel 10 is where you want it. Might as well use up the whole 240 scenes, which can control up to 192 DMX channels, so your two lights don't have to match. Then program those 240 scenes into 8 chase sequences(randomly). There you go. The DMX Operator 192 has a built in microphone and should it be in the room with the sound equipment, it will change things based on the bass hitting, as well as what that "fade" fader is set for or what the speed fader is set to.

It also appears the DMX Operator 192 has an RCA input, so you can round a split off perhaps a matrix or aux send off your audio desk and into the control surface for your audio response.

Otherwise, there are other controller solutions, as well as software solutions like Compu Live and MyDMX. I don't see a valid sound input on MyDMX, but I'm still learning it.

Want to get bit more hands-free and go audio only? This is the wrong fixture for you then, mainly because of your requirement for a blackout controller. Of course, your DMX Operator 192 has a "blackout" button, which effectively kills all fixtures from outputting light. This solution isn't ideal based on what you are saying. It sounds like you want to hit a switch and that bulb goes out. Simply put, this fixture dones't do dimming, based on the DMX specification sheet.

If you max out your scenes and chases and randomly switch chase sequences, nobody will be the wiser. Maybe once in a while mix them up.

This fixture would work great for me, as I want control over my fixtures anyways. Running on auto-pilot mode isn't my kind of thing.

Further suggestions: bring a checklist of items you want to see on a lighting fixture to work with your sales guy. It just sounds to me like this isn't the right fit for you.